Intelligent tech for comprehensive primary health care

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Intelehealth is a tech platform for delivering comprehensive primary health care services to the last mile.

Over 3.8 billion people, or half the world's population, still misses out on essential health services. We believe in the vision of Health for All - that everybody should be able to access the health services they need, when and where they need them without facing financial hardship.

Our tech platform can be used by health organizations to set up high quality primary health care programs in challenging low bandwidth environments. Intelehealth is intelligent digital health platform for better delivery of primary health services. The platform is built on a core a knowledge engine that empowers frontline health workers with the resources they need to provide comprehensive care care to their patients.

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We Provide

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We provide easy-to-use, low bandwidth, mobile software driven by an expert system - HxGuide. It provides evidence-based protocols and a knowledge engine to support task-shifting to community health workers. It also enables teleconsultations with remote doctors so health workers can forward cases beyond their level of training.

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We provide training in technology-based primary health care delivery for all stakeholders - health workers, doctors as well as project leadership. Our training programs cover technical skills, medical skills, operational and communication skills. 

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Implementation Support

A lot goes into a successful tech-enabled program. That is why we provide implementation support to set up sustainable and scalable programs with clear impact goals. We provide on the ground support for organizations who want to replicate our PHC model or who want to integrate our tech into their own PHC models.

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Data Analytics

Armed with powerful insights generated using structured data from HxGuide, implementers can closely monitor the impact of their programs as well as perform disease surveillance, health worker monitoring and beneficiary tracking.

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Access to health is a basic human right

At Intelehealth, we believe that technology is the key to solving the health access crisis. We set up programs with partner organizations that connect the fractured health ecosystem and make it more accessible for patients. By using our software platform, frontline health workers are able to significantly reduce the time, distance, money and effort spent by patients to access health care. 


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Technology that makes a difference

The Intelehealth platform helps in the integration of telemedicine as a health delivery system in communities, hence improving the access to quality primary health care. As a result, the impact is multifold. Organizations that used Intelehealth were able to save their beneficiaries Rs. 615 (combining direct costs and indirect costs of accessing primary care), 160 kms in distance traveled to access care and 1.5 days per health event, resulting in:

  • >70% reduction in distance traveled to access primary care

  • >75% reduction in time taken to access primary care

  • Approximately 60% reduction in the average spend to access basic primary care


Our Supporters

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