2018 impact REPORT

Our very first programs launched.


After launcing our app on the PlayStore in December 2017, in rapid succession we have launched 3 programs in partnership with 7 fantastic organizations from Jan - July 2018.


We train and equip community health workers with technology


With Intelehealth, frontline workers can,

  • Perform basic diagnostics at the primary care level
  • Connect with remote doctors and specialists for developing treatment plans for patients
  • Connect with local pharmacies to ensure patients get medicines
  • Connect with diagnostic labs for further testing as needed
  • Connect with referral networks so that patients are directed to the right next level of care Perform patient education and counseling

....creating an overall improvement in patient satisfaction and better health outcomes.

Read the full impact report here.


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Meet Shantilata Behera


Shantilata Behera is a health worker at an Intelehealth- powered teleclinic in rural Odisha, India. In 2017, her 16 year old son suffered an injury to his head that required extensive surgery. Shantilata sold all her jewellery and mortgaged her farm to pay for his treatment. Post surgery, her son suffered from frequent seizures and he was unable to study or keep a job. Debt made it impossible for her to pay for travel to and care at a city clinic.

Her son was one of the first patients at the teleclinic and the doctor was able to prescribe medications over a tele- consultation to manage his seizures. He now has a job working as farm labourer and lives a healthy life. Shantilata works tirelessly to make sure no one from her village has to face the same adversity as her family.

Project partners: Arogya Foundation of India, Health Foundation of India Research partner: Johns Hopkins University


Telemedicine technology for last mile health