Our Vision

Health for All.


We believe in the vision of Universal Health Coverage -  that you should be able to receive the health services you need, when and where you need them, without facing financial hardship (WHO). But realizing this vision requires the collective efforts of an entire ecosystem, and to enable this requires a catalyst. We aim to be that catalyst to empower existing health programs to do more through well-designed user-centered technology.

Our mission is to improve access to affordable, quality healthcare for all. We envision a world where every person and every village is connected with doctors, drugs, diagnostics, referral networks, insurance and quality medical care.

Our hypothesis is that there are five keys barriers in access to health - (1) geographic (facilities are too far), (2) financial (care is expensive), (3) lack of availability of a trained health workforce, drugs and devices, (4) poor acceptability (the care provided does not meet the attitudes and expectations of beneficiaries) and (5) poor quality of care.


We aim to reduce each of these barriers and improve health access through a comprehensive technology-enabled intervention that includes telemedicine, task-shifting, health worker training, decision support, education, innovative financing and beneficiary engagement. Health organizations face these barriers when they want to increase the scope and scale of the impact of their health programs. We’re helping them reduce these, while also strengthening their existing health systems.

This started out as a project for us graduate students at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design (CBID), but it would not have been possible without the efforts and contributions from other generations of CBID students, clinical and public health expert mentors who worked on this project.

Intelehealth was possible because of the cumulative efforts of these innovative, disruptive and unreasonable thinkers and we'd like to acknowledge their contributions.

Neha Goel  CEO/Co-founder

Neha Goel

Infographic    Source   : World Health Organization

Infographic Source: World Health Organization