Cloud-based software platform

We at Intelehealth have developed an open source telemedicine platform that empowers local community health workers in rural communities to provide access to primary care for patients in their communities. The platform consists of a mobile app for health workers and a cloud based electronic health record system as a backend (OpenMRS). The app works with very low bandwidth connection as well as offline.

The platform contains modules for:

  • Healthcare provider decision support using a knowledge enabled expert system - HxGuide

  • Telemedicine to facilitate transmission of medical data to remote doctors and set up audio or video teleconsultations in a low bandwidth environment

  • Point of care diagnostic tests using low cost devices

  • Prescription and Medication forwarding

  • Referral co-ordination by guiding patients to the right next level of care

  • Patient education and counselling through video resources

  • Longitudinal patient management using electronic health records

  • Data reporting

We provide Intelehealth in a cloud-hosted software platform to organizations of all sizes - whether non-profit, for-profit, hospitals or governments. Get set up with a cloud-hosted secure platform and leave the technical management to our team of engineers and program managers.



HxGuide is an expert system to enable task-shifting of complex care processes such a history-taking, physical examination and disease management. HxGuide's history-taking protocols cover over 67 conditions and 143 basic physical exams that provide screening for a number of primary care conditions. The protocols task-shift early history-taking and physical exam steps, reducing the time spent in data gathering and enabling the capture of structured data for analysis. The output is a concise history note that serves as a starting point for the doctor to develop a management plan with the health worker and the patient.


HxGuide supports health workers in collecting the right information required to guide the doctor’s decision making process.  Due to time pressures, history taking in currently available teleconsultation models is routinely rushed or incomplete, which contributes to diagnostic errors in a teleconsult. To overcome these gaps, the Intelehealth platform uses the HxGuide, a knowledge engineered computer-assisted history taking system which:
- Ensures that health providers gather comprehensive clinical history and conduct clinically relevant physical exams. It guides the user through a series of questions and exams based on the patient’s presenting symptoms and medical history.
- Provides interactive job aids that help community-based providers during the physical exam, such as video, pictures, and sounds when relevant to the question being presented.


Point of Care Diagnostics Kit

We source and integrate commercially available point of care diagnostic equipment needed for health workers such as:

  • Portable printer

  • Digital Weighing scale

  • Glucometer

  • Digital BP monitor

  • Pulse Oximeter

  • Digital Thermometer

  • Hemoglobinometer

  • Electrocardiogram

  • Electronic Stethoscope

  • Rapid Diagnostic Test for Malaria

  • Others: mid-upper arm circumference tape, height tape, head circumference

  • Miscellaneous: Sanitation kit, Apron, Backpack, Emergency light


Find our Open source code on Github

In keeping with our commitment to develop affordable, low cost and customizable technologies, our application is completely free and open source. Our software platform consists of a health-worker facing Android application and a cloud-based Electronic Health Record (OpenMRS). You can access the code base on Github here.