We don’t just provide a software solution, we provide end-to-end support services so that health organizations can improve the scale and scope of their programs and meet their impact goals.



In addition to providing software, we provide critical training required for all stakeholders, including:

  • Health workers: Use of the standard data collection protocols, use of technology and basic skills such as bedside manner, hygiene and communication skills

  • Doctors: Remote diagnosis, effective communication over telemedicine, patient safety in telemedicine and use of technology

  • Supervisory staff: Use of software for administration, patient safety in telemedicine 

  • Project leadership: Telemedicine program design, operations and planning for scale

Implementation Support

Telemedicine programs need to be designed to appropriately identify and respond to health system needs. We help our clients to utilize the technology and training tools we have developed to yield the maximum benefits

  • Design unique operational and business models for service delivery to the last mile

  • Identify the best fit of several innovative implementation model

  • Assess financing models such as social-franchising, use of microcredit and micro-entrepreneurship, public private partnerships, social impact bonds, etc. 

Data Analytics

Our data analytics services cover the entire intervention maturity lifecycle - from pilot of the telemedicine-based health care delivery system to possible national-level implementation of the intervention and support robust monitoring and evaluation of the program.

The Intelehealth platform provides several tools for real-time monitoring and evaluation of health system processes, basic in-built reports using structured HxGuide data with data export function that includes program impact indicators. We also help our partners to identify temporal as well as geographic disease trends, and to map sites prior to intervention to identify geographic points of interest, enabling disease surveillance.